In My Kitchen July 2014

It has been a wonderful month for all things food related – do come in and  take a look…

In my kitchen

IMK_july_2014is this amazing Black Summer Truffle Pesto by Sacla. My lovely, vivacious and gorgeous friend, Jo Picard, sent me a totally unexpected text saying that there were two complimentary tickets for me at the box office for the foodie heaven that is Taste of London. She was presenting and hosting the Stubbins Kitchen Garden Demonstration stand and  my friend C and I, got to see her taking Michelin starred chef, Bruno Loubet through his dish of Savoury Sweet Potato Waffle which was pretty amazing. The top left photo below is of Bruno Loubet with Jo on the far right of the photo.

IMK July 2014In a nutshell, Taste of London gathers together some of London’s most iconic and famous restaurants and gives us the opportunity to taste sample sized portions of a few of their most well known dishes. Along with the restaurant stands, there are workshops, cookery theatres, artisanal produce and producers, wine tastings, drinks stands, a bandstand…it’s a fabulous event. I have linked their website so do take a look if you would like to know more.

IMK July 2014

IMK July 2014Sacla were there too, passing round samples of some of their pestos spread onto mini crostinis. This one – the Black Summer Truffle Pesto just made us stop dead in our tracks, widen our eyes and rush back to find out what it was. We made sure not to leave without going back to buy some. It is wonderful spread on sourdough and topped with a poached egg and we had it with roast chicken the other day – I will posting that recipe very soon – it was fantastic. If you like truffles, you will love this spread so keep an eye out for it the next time you are in the shops. (Finally managed to post the recipe – here is the link - )

IMK July 2014

In my kitchen, are compotes. With the abundance of luscious summer fruit comes the propensity to buy more than we can consume before they start to spoil in the heat. So, I have been making simple rustic compotes to spoon over granola and Greek yoghurt for breakfast. The compotes seem to keep for weeks in the fridge without spoiling. I stew them gently and briefly in a pan with a tiny bit of demerara sugar, some used vanilla pods  and a dash of rosé wine. In the collage above, clockwise from top left is apricot, raspberry and strawberry. Jake has liked the strawberry the most.


The cherries this summer have been amazing – these barely lasted a day. (If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen quite a few of these photos already). The shallow  bowl is an old eBay bargain - it’s known as transferware and the pattern is Asiatic Pheasant.IMK_july_2014

My Sutton Community Farm veg (CSA) box has been wonderful – gorgeous broad broad beans, all sorts of varieties of kale and beautiful salads with edible flowers as well as courgettes, cucumbers, carrots, spring onions…I was lucky enough to attend their fabulous “Pop-Up Veg Box Dinner” during our local Food Festival. You can read my review, watch a brilliant, short video and see my quick and easy recipe for Broad Bean, Pea and Ricotta Crostini if you click on the link. I recently made Ottolenghi’s Meatballs with Broad Beans, but used the entire bean – pod and all as they were so young and tender.

IMK_july_2014Shortly after we moved in here, earlier this year, I lent my juicer to a friend who was a little run down. She and her husband loved it and now have their own, so she dropped it back the other day and it has been really nice to juice again for breakfast. In the glass above is apple, beetroot, kale, carrot, ginger and lemon. Power breakfast! I have to say that this is a really good juicer  - it has been developed for Philips by the man known as the Juice Master, Jason Vale. The drop chute is really wide so most things don’t have to be sliced (or peeled for that matter). The micro mesh filter is extremely efficient and easy to clean; also, if you line the pulp container with a plastic bag, it makes for a quick and easy clean up. I got this last year; there are newer models around so if you are thinking of getting a juicer but have been put off by memories of lots of prep, wet pulp and washing up, I am here to tell you that times have changed!

And see the retro straws? I just couldn’t resist them when I saw them in Peter Jones and good thing too as I have just had my teeth cleaned and polished so the straws protect  from beetroot stains and acid erosion too. And they look rather fabulous! Shallow? Moi?

Well, that is it from my kitchen this month.What have you been up to? Let me know via the comments box below.

The In My Kitchen series is is hosted by Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial where she is joined by bloggers from all over the world affording us a glimpse of what they’ve been up to. Many thanks to Celia for hosting this lovely series. Pour yourself a cuppa or something cold, click on the link and take a look at what others have been up to in their kitchens!

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57 thoughts on “In My Kitchen July 2014

  1. Shallow ? Toi ? – JAMAIS ! Merely practical. I’ve been thinking about your friend Jo … I’m almost sure I saw her on a cooking program on telly, a year or so back; I believe I remember her face. Not that it matters … Lovely post, lovely Selma …


    • It is fantastic and the weather was fabulous too. A couple of years ago, I went with Jake, my son, and it rained the entire week that the event was on. The park was like a mud pit despite all the tons of bark chippings that were put down but Jo was bright and smiling in her wellies and rain poncho. She is such a super star. Jake loved it and wanted to come this year but had other commitments. Thanks Suzanne!


  2. Fresh fruit, fresh veg, freshly and natural juice, it must be summer! Thanks for the peek into your kitchen Selma. Taste of London looks a lot like Taste of Melbourne, a great foodie day out! I love black cherries, but the plate beneath has may name on it. I’ve made note, now watch out ebay!


    • Sandra, I knew that the plate would get a lot of comments so t thought I would pre-empt with a description. I am now lusting after a faded platter in this pattern – I like the wavy edges too and there is faded red version that is also very nice! I am not sure when my shoe addiction transferred itself to china!! I think that Taste has been franchised out worldwide – it’s such a great idea. And it keep getting better every year.


    • Hi Tina! Taste is such a great event – especially when the sun is shining. Hopefully there will be one in Frankfurt soon! There is no getting around the fact that the juicer does take up counter space but it makes such fabulous juices that I don’t begrudge it plus I use it every day. Today I blended some fruits and yoghurt with my stick blender and added some fresh apple juice for some delicious smoothies. Hope to see you at Fiesta tomorrow – I am co-hosting x


  3. Oh wow! So many wonderful colours and fabulous produce! I love these monthly insights into your wonderful world ☺️☺️ In my kitchen right now is…..dust, tools, fresh plaster, dust sheets, boxes, bare brick, more dust, more boxes…..😳😳😳


  4. Summer fruit are irresistible, right? I´m doing compotes, too, on an almost daily basis right now…..ove the stirring and the adding of different flavors so much….Thanks for the culinary insight into your kitchen!


  5. Brilliant post, Selma. Oh, how I wish I had been in London for the Taste of London. It must have been truly amazing. So envious of that truffle paste (and the retro straws). Looking forward to the truffle post soon!


  6. How I would love to visit the Taste of London, it does sound like such a fabulous event. Wonderful that you have a glut of fresh summer produce which you are putting to good use. I am planning on getting a new juicer as my old one has lots of parts to wash, I think 7 in total. Love the retro straws and I think I would also sip beetroot juice through a straw too. Salma thank you for the peek into your summer kitchen. :)


  7. Fabulous look into your kitchen, Selma. I saw your Taste of London photos on Instagram and was so envious – what a lovely event to attend and try out new foods. The truffle pesto looks delicious, as do all those veggies from your CSA box. I enjoy my summer fruits so much, but have not tried to make compote yet. The fruit doesn’t seem to last long enough for me to do so. :) And those straws? Too sweet to pass up.


  8. Beautiful Produce in your kitchen… I’m so jealous of the cherries :) We have a similar foodie thing in Australia, it is call the Good Food and Wine festival, and I’m hanging out for October in Brisbane to go! Thanks for sharing! Liz x


  9. Sacla make a black truffle pesto? I’m going out hunting for it today!! What else is in it please – surely it’s not a solid jar of blitzed black summer truffles? :) And that photo of the peppers is just stunning – so nice to peek at London summer and colour! Beautiful greens, and I’d have found the paper straws irresistible too! :)


  10. I really enjoyed this post. My entry was a bit late as I am new to whats in your kitchen? It is up now if you would like to read it. I need to check out Sutton Community Farm. Have a fantastic week Selma. Emma.


  11. Selma, I can’t thank you enough for your links to Taste of London and the fabulous crostini recipe you shared. That’s why I enjoy IMK so much… learning about new flavors and festivities from around the world! (Great food and music, too — loved the ‘high energy’ videos!) Your ‘retro’ straws were the perfect, colorful accent to cap off your post. Entirely fun! Thank you.


    • Aww, thank you Kim – glad that you enjoyed the post and the links! I’ve been so busy that I almost didn’t join in this month but when I read comments like yours, I am glad that I found the time and made the effort!


  12. Pingback: Black Summer Truffle Pesto Roast Chicken | Selma's Table

    • It makes a nice change from writing recipes and photographing the results…you should join in because I know that you don’t really have enough to do with your time and need more projects…lol…this is only once a month though and the deadline is the 10th and you don’t have to do it every month either…


        • So what I do is photograph things that have been interesting in my kitchen from one post to the next and I mix it up so that there are ingredients as well as other kitcheny things – I start writing the post whenever I can and then polish it up, edit and insert the pics and link up to Celia’s blog post which goes out on the 1st. Take a look at her post first and say hi and also take a look at some of the other posts which are in the column on the right of her blog – you will get the idea. All lovely people like the Fiesta Friday lot….


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