Almond, Orange and Tahini Biscuits

Almond, Orange and Tahini Biscuits | Selma's TableI was so thrilled when Elaine of foodbod asked me to write a post for her new series, “What would you feed me?” Elaine is the embodiment of healthy eating – she is vegetarian, sugar free, caffeine free and also avoids wheat but doesn’t miss out on any flavour with her punchy Middle East inspired spicing. I discovered her blog when someone re-blogged one of her earliest posts which was for a pavlova – the antithesis of how Elaine eats!  So I set my mind to thinking how I could produce a treat that was true to Elaine’s food ideals. Obviously, it had to have tahini in it – Elaine’s favourite food group!!  Ground almonds to substitute for flour and honey for sugar…I kept thinking about those lovely Chinese Almond Cookies that are made for Chinese New Year. I am rather partial to orange zest and cardamom in baked goods, so in they went too.. Almond, Orange and Tahini Biscuits | Selma's TableThe Almond, Orange and Tahini Biscuits have Elaine’s name written all over them. Wheat free, refined sugar free but chock full of almonds and tahini of course! They are also dairy free and egg free, making them suitable for vegans.  While these do have honey in them they are not very sweet so they won’t kick your sweet cravings into high gear. The orange and cardamom flavours work beautifully with the nutty flavours of the tahini and almonds. The biscuits bake up crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside – just begging to be dunked in a cuppa!  Judging by the response on Instagram, I think that they are a success! Almond, Orange and Tahini Biscuits | Selma's Table If you want to know how to make these ridiculously easy Almond, Orange and Tahini Biscuits please go over to my guest post on Elaine’s blog, foodbod. The post is called, ‘What would you feed me…Selma’ – if you click on the link below, it will take you straight to it. While you are there, take a minute to browse through Elaine’s recipes – you will come away inspired!

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46 thoughts on “Almond, Orange and Tahini Biscuits

  1. – Dear Selma, What an endearing friendship you have with Sweet Elaine. You are both lovely, talented ladies and I love observing your friendship.
    – These biscuits sound flavorful and so pretty to look at too. I am off to Elaine’s site to enjoy looking at them again, while drooling. :D )))

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  2. I love these types of recipes Selma, just a little bit left of centre, but I bet quite delicious! Its a long weekend in Australia coming up, so I’ll get the baking trays out and give these a try. I too have a friend who prefers these flavours, so she will get the first batch. Thanks for posting. Donna

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  3. I tried these at the weekend, Selma, and they are so-oooo delicious. The combination of orange and cardamom is divine, and they are not too sweet either. I think you have created a new addiction for me. I also find most things with ground almonds in them are wonderful.

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    My dear old mum is yet again in hospital following a fall and another fracture. She has pulled through surgery and hopefully on the road ( a long one) to recovery. In amongst visits to the hospital today, I managed to make these for the food techy to take back to Brisbane with him and hopefully to be shared with our friends Katherine and Richard who both enojy these types of flavours and unusual biscuits. They are incredibly easy to make and delicious. The title has healthy ingredients listed and so ……they must be! Thanks to Selmas Table for sharing on her blog. Please visit Selma’s page…..she has some wonderful thoughts and recipes to share. TBH XXX


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