In My Kitchen – March 2015

Thank goodness that February is a short month – it brings those of us in the Northern Hemisphere just a little closer to Spring! Nonetheless, I’ve had a lot going on in my kitchen despite also spending two glorious weeks in Cape Town to attend the wedding of one of my oldest friends. I thought that you might like to see some photos of the stunning table setting and the food which was divine. The last photo above, is of the first course. I brought back our name cards as a momento. (If you click on the first photo, you can see the enlarged version of each picture in the gallery.)

In my kitchen there have been blood oranges, cavolo nero and fregola from which I made a salad because earlier in the month, I together with some friends, visited a fabulous shop called Vallebona which I wrote about here. It’s full of gourmet Sardinian groceries. These are some of the goodies I brought back.

IMK March 2015 | Selma's Table

Olive oil, truffle honey, grape must

We sampled the honey with white truffle on cheese and I tried some blue cheese with the grape juice must which were both wonderful. They both went into my basket! Vallebona sell a very thin cracker that comes in huge sheets which you just break off to eat – it’s called Carta Musica and lasts forever. I also bought the green tea with cherry blossom which is lovely.

I popped into a couple of local charity shops and came away with more china bargains. It’s becoming a bit of an obsession now – how did I go from shoes to plates?

I had this beautiful purple savoy type cabbage in my Sutton Community Farm veg box – unfortunately there was no time to make anything with it before I left, so I gave to a friend.

Cape Town has a fantastic food culture and I always look forward to seeing what they are up to. This time, a friend took me to a tiny award winning restaurant called Chefs Warehouse and Canteen run by a chef Liam Tomlin and his wife Jan.  They serve a very popular tapas style menu which is what we had. Wow – such incredible food – balanced, intense flavours and beautifully presented. There are more photos on my Instagram feed.

There is also a small but well curated shop attached, full of professional cookware, ceramics, ingredients and cookbooks. I bought a gorgeous glazed tapas dish just like the one we were served calamari in and a couple of packets of fruity buttery toffees – Sour Fig and Orange and Pomegranate. I really wish that I had bought a copy of his “Tapas” book but I just can’t justify another cookbook at the moment.

The friends we were staying with took us to the Oranjezicht City Farm Market which is held on the grounds of the Premier Helen Zille’s official residence, Leeuwenhof. Every Saturday, she opens up the gardens and the pool to the general public and independent local farmers and artisanal food producers. Apparently it’s the equivalent of David Cameron opening up Chequers to the hoi polloi! The fresh produce is fantastic and I was very surprised at how delicious the cheeses were too. There was a separate tent full of stall holders making and selling gorgeous and healthy food to eat.

I bought some intensely deep flavoured honey which took me right back to my childhood in Nairobi. This honey is similar to the Arabian Sidr Honey. I also bought a bottle of fig and grape must chutney.

A couple of days after returning to London, I received a lovely Welcome Home card and pack of black garlic from Elaine of foodbod which was such a surprise and had me squealing in delight.

Well, that is it from my kitchen this month – huge thanks to the lovely Celia of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial who hosts this monthly event – peeking into everyone’s kitchens all over the world is so inspiring!  Make yourself a cuppa and have a little browse – all the links to the participating blogs are on the right hand side of Celia’s post. I have linked her post to her blog name so click and take a little tour!

Before you take your leave, feast your eyes on this amazing sunset – a display that Capetonians enjoy most evenings!

Sunset over the South Atlantic Ocean

Sunset over the South Atlantic Ocean from Seapoint, Cape Town


34 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – March 2015

  1. That skyscape is absolutely beautiful ❤️ As is everything really, your world and kitchen are so full of glorious things…I’d love to try the tea, the cabbage is beautiful, the plates are lovely, all of the things you’ve bought and tried in SA look amazing…it’s an endless spiel of superlatives! Now…can I come and live in your kitchen please?? 😉 xxx


    • Thanks Debi – I had such a fabulous time – it is such a beautiful city and of course it helped that the sun was shining! The chutney has overtones of X-mas – mincemeat (!) but it has a gentle kick and also seems to have figs in it – unless that is the crushed grape seeds…nothing on the label which surprised me but then I bought it from a stall who were selling homemade food. Felt a little like I was buying from a friend!

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  2. Love all this Sardinian ingredients in your kitchen. Carta di Musica is my favourite bread carrier. The cheese with truffle honey is a lovely food thought that I will retain all day.


  3. Wow, that purple savoy is just crazy! Must look out for such a thing. I’m hitting myself that I singularly failed to get my hands on a single blood orange this year. Not one! (sadface)
    Kavey (first time IMKer this month)


  4. Ooh, Kavey – I must take a look at your post – I am making my way down the column, slowly but surely. I so look forward to the blood oranges every February. I got my last lot from Waitrose – not sure if they still have them but it’s worth a try.


  5. Oh, Selma! I took your “enlarged photo tour” and could hardly contain myself! :) Thank you so much for sharing that elegant wedding feast (and delectable menu), your produce & market finds, and that fabulous sunset! Very inspiring, xo.


  6. So much to love. What a pretty wedding table setting, and wonderful food. So good you showed the menu and the first course. Yum.
    I know what you mean about the plates, I’d far rather op-retro-vintage shop than buy clothes… boring :)


    • The wedding was just so beautiful – the setting was on a stunning wine and stud farm in Stellenbosch with the mountains in the background. The sun was setting as we sat down to dinner and the meal was fabulous! I am glad to hear that you prefer plates to clothes too! Thanks so much for stopping by.


    • Hi Christine – yes, he is. From what I understand he had a pretty disastrous financial affiliation with someone and even after he had unentangled his business from it, the mud stuck and he lost everything. Very sad but they seem very happy and settled in Cape Town.


    • Thanks Sherry – I wish I had bought more of them now -the glaze is so pretty but I always worry about my bags being too heavy when I travel! The wedding was amazing – feel very privileged to have been there.


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