An Invitation to the First Fiesta Friday Anniversary

It’s been a year! A whole year of sharing recipes and stories and building up this amazing Fiesta Friday community. To celebrate, Angie is throwing a virtual block party for 2 weeks, each with a different theme. All the details are in her post and I am very excited to be co-hosting next week – please do join us if you can by sharing a recipe or visiting the “table” and hopefully discovering new recipes and blogs to follow. Huge thanks to Angie for hosting this fabulous event!

The Novice Gardener

first fiesta friday anniversary invitation

Just one more week and Fiesta Friday will celebrate its First Anniversary! Are you as excited as I am? Of course you are!

We’ve been brainstorming, my co-hosts and I, on how to properly celebrate this milestone. After many great ideas were thrown in, we’ve decided that our First Fiesta Friday Anniversary needs to be celebrated in a big way, by having a non-stop party that will span 2 weeks.

Let me explain. We’re throwing the biggest block party ever. A Fiesta Friday Block Party. A Fiesta Friday on steroids. Ain’t no party like it ‘coz a Fiesta Friday Block Party don’t stop! Not for 2 weeks! That means Fiesta Friday #52 and Fiesta Friday #53 will BOTH be the designated 1st Anniversary Fiesta Friday parties.

And since it’s a block party, everybody who is a friend of a friend of a friend is welcome. That means all of you…

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Why we blog.. Selma’s Table

You have read about when I met up with fellow blogger, Elaine of foodbod, earlier this year at London’s Borough Market. She is a really special person; kind, caring and so generous of her time and knowledge.

She started a series called “Why we Blog” and sent questions round to some of the bloggers she follows. What has ensued has been a blossoming of everyone’s blogging community as we get to discover new blogs and find out more about the people behind the blogs we do follow.

Today, I am thrilled to say that she has featured me – thank you so much Elaine – if you haven’t already discovered her blog, get yourself over there now and revel in her flavourful, exotic and meat free recipes, covet her new puppy and get to know a truly wonderful person!


20140313-124948.jpgThere are possibly not enough superlatives in my vocabulary to tell you how much I love this blog and it’s writer. You will find heartfelt stories introducing wonderful recipes that you will almost be able to taste as you read them…introducing Selma’s Table

How long have you had your blog?

I started blogging in August of 2013, so about 7 months, ago (when this was written)

What was your reason for starting it?

Friends of mine have been encouraging me to do this for years but I never really had the time. In the end, it is because my son will be going off to uni in a couple of years and I rather liked the idea of his being able to read the stories and make the food that he loves from my blog.

What is your constant inspiration?

I am mainly inspired by what’s in season in…

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Happy New Year!

Selmas Table 2014

A big thank you from me to all of you for your encouragement, comments, likes and shares of my posts. From my first, hesitant post in August, I have been overwhelmed by the support I’ve received from my family, friends and the wonderful blogging community that is WordPress.  My very best wishes to all of you for a happy, healthy and delicious year ahead.

Happy New Year!