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Let me know if you would like to discuss the following

  • Bespoke cocktail and dinner party catering
  • Food for your freezer
  • Meal planning and cooking
  • Cooking lessons
  • Recipe development
  • Brand representation
  • Product and event reviews
  • Product giveaways

I would love to hear from you! Please do drop me a line via email or in the comments box below.

Email –  selmastable (at) gmail (dot) com



6 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Dear Selma, by the way I bought another cookbook this weekend . . . Ottolenghi . . . so that now i have all 3 of them, and I was told they are coming out with yet another, “Plenty More” in the next few months. Last night I made the Asparagus & Samphire (also known as Sea Beans) salad and it was quite delicious . . . I added some preserved lemon because I’m overflowing with them right now, but what an interesting veg that Samphire is. Kind of like seaweed except thicker and more toothsome.


  2. No worries Julianna – paying forward these wonderful awards is fairly time consuming and having to do it 15 times can be a bit overwhelming. I did read on Fae’s blog that it was ‘up to’ 15 bloggers – I think that got lost along the way somewhere…Julianna, thank you so much for thinking of me but I am not accepting awards – I recently amended my About Me page to reflect that. Thanks again Julianna x


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